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Milly and Sissy - Shampoo Fine/Dry Refill

Milly and Sissy

Zero waste shampoo - with a compostable sachet!

  • Just add water, shake, leave to settle and its ready to use
  • Compostable sachet and recyclable label
  • 99% natural
  • Use with our Milly and Sissy bottles (sold separately)


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This is the perfect alternative if your not a fan of the Soap Bars. It does create less lather than some as it contains gentle cleansing agents which are less drying on the hair and scalp.

It makes your hair feel so clean, looks great in your bathroom with the glass bottle and leaves you with a clear conscious having done your part to help the planet.

  • Made in the UK
  • 500ml - Just add 400ml water
  • Because you add the water at home, it saves 70% weight in transportation, so therefor reduces the transport emissions by 94%
  • Just pop the sachet into the compost bin and the label into the recycling bin once finished.
  • Just add 400ml of tepid water to the bottle
  • Add all the powder and shake well
  • Leave it overnight
  • The next morning, give it a good shake and your good to go!

Milly and Sissy offer plastic free Shampoos, Shower gels and Hand wash in a compostable sachet with a recyclable label. 

You simply mix the sachet with water, which saves 94% carbon footprint in transportation. 

Milly and Sissy products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, made from 99% natural ingredients. All their suppliers are carefully selected for their ethics and environmental consciousness. They are also committed to employing people from disadvantaged backgrounds.