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FILL - Wash Up - Ginger


LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY - Scarborough refill service

  • Tough on dirty dishes and gently on your hands
  • No dyes, harsh chemicals & biodegradable ingredients
  • Just add the required amount of liquid you require - Or purchase a full glass bottle to keep
  • See below for information on how to work out your top up

How it works

We will refill your old bottles - Or you can purchase the glass ones separately.

  • Just check which day we're next in your area
  • Leave your bottles in your required safe place (if you are using your old bottles - please make sure they are labelled.
  • We'll refill them!

Please note: Your products are weighed prior to refilling, and we refill on a basis of 1ml = 1g.


How to work out how much top up to purchase:

Weigh your bottles, pump included.

The weight of the empty 500ml bottles is 275g or the 1litre bottles is 510g. So this needs to be taken off your total.

Work out the difference back up to 500g or 1000g for 1litre bottles.

For example: Your bottle weighs 560g - 275g = 285g.

Then 500g - 285g = 215. This is the amount of top up required.

Postcode Days:

Tuesday - YO12/YO13/YO11

Friday - YO12/YO13/YO11


How to use


Just apply sparingly, 2-3 teaspoons is adequate for a full bowl of dirty dishes.


  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Made in the UK




Choosing the greener option - Refill

Plastic does have its uses, but it also comes with negative consequences for our earth and for all living beings. And when you think of the fact that only 9% of plastic has ever been recycled, we need to start saying no to single use plastics.

Our refill delivery system helps you do that!

Choosing reusables or refillables is definitely the best option for our planet, and with no added harsh chemicals, you can sleep easy knowing that you're using safe products in your home. 


  • Less than 5% Fragrance
  • Less than 30% Surfactant
  • More than 30% Aqua

For a list of the ingredients, look at Fills PDF sheet