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Lavinia - Toockies Scrubbing Cloths x 2 - Fairtrade Project


Support an amazing Fairtrade project with each purchase!

  • Durable, strong, long lasting cloths
  • Machine washable
  • Hand knitted by women in India
  • Made from organic cotton and jute plant fibres
  • Compostable and free from microplastics


SUPPORTING FAIRTRADE PROJECTS - Hand knitted by women in India 

What is great about these is how the Lavinia charity is empowering women, teaching them to knit and write their names on the back of the packaging.

They also give the women and the children free healthcare. You can find a photo of the women that's knitted yours and their wishes on the Tookie website.

SIZE : Approx. 19cm x 19cm

  •  Non abrasive and non scratching
  •  Durable and machine washable
  •  Compostable and biodegradable
  •  Handmade under fair conditions near Kolkata in India
  •  Each item has the name of who knitted it on the label
  •  Not tested on animals and Vegan
  •  Organic, Fairtrade and Sustainable from cradle to cradle
  •  Microplastic free

Once you have finished you can put them on your compost heap, or use them as a potting mesh.


Handmade in India and GOTS certified. When the cotton is purchased from the mill in India, a certificate is received with a control union stamp. 

The women are taught how to knit at a local community centre. They take a roll of yarn home and they drop off their finished products once a week for quality checks. There is also a doctor present who gives the knitters and their children free health checks. 

We are so proud to be supporting Fairtrade projects like this.