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Hydrophil - Kids Bamboo Toothbrush - Red or Blue


A high quality bamboo toothbrush, varnished with natural colours

  • Made from fast growing MOSO bamboo
  • Bio-based bristles derived from castor oil
  • The first climate neutral toothbrush in Europe
  • BPA free and petroleum free
  • Suitable for ages 3+



Made from raw materials including Moso Bamboo which is biodegradable. Artificial irrigation is not used in their bamboo cultivation, nor are pesticides or chemicals. 

  •  Extra soft bristles are ideal for sensitive gums
  •  Suitable for ages 3+

We recommend changing your toothbrush every three months.



Hydrophils concern is water scarcity. Its their mission to produce vegan, Fairtrade and water neutral bathroom products.

Whenever possible they use resources which don't endanger ground or drinking water and don't require artificial irrigation. They keep a close eye on their supply chain to ensure fair work and fair pay.

They also support a non profit organisation in India Viva con Agua de Sankt which is committed to providing safe drinking water, sanitisation and hygiene supplies to people South of the globe.