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Flash Cards For Kids - Build Eco-Warriors!

Helpful Kids

Teach your children chores, and about the impact that their choices make with these fun flash cards

  • 10 flash cards with a different rhyming action on each side
  • Treasure hunt clues for the cards
  • Each card is A6 and double sided, and printed on recycled card
  • Includes an "I feel proud" reward chart with biodegradable stickers
  • Helps children want to learn naturally 


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  • These flash cards contain 2 sets of instructions, one for the parent and one for the child - this helps emphasise the need to work independently
  • 1 large cotton bag to hold the flash cards (Size 13*18)
  • Recommended age 6 - 9, although children of different ages also enjoy them.

Each Eco Warrior card touches on an area of the home where your child can help, the clever use of rhyming to introduce the topic and the 'eco warrior action' they can do to help, helps to capture their attention and the reward chart makes your child want to learn in a natural way. 

Please note: These are not coated in plastic like the usual flash cards so please encourage your child to handle them carefully. 

Food shopping and cooking

1) Make a shopping list
2) Bring shopping bags
3) Buy food with minimal/no plastic packaging
4) Eat less beef
5) Reduce food with palm oil

Make use of a compost bin

1) Scrape your food into a compost bin without being asked
2) Scrape the food in without making a mess around the bin
3) Earn extra shells for putting the dishes in the dishwasher without being reminded

Load the dishwasher to the max

1) Put your dishes inside the dishwasher
2) Ask your parents to show you how best to load the cutlery, the cups and glasses, the plates and the bowls. Each type earns you a super action!

Keep food fresh for longer

1.Wrap any leftover food with eco friendly packaging
2. Put all food away after meals and snacks
3. Eat any leftover food the next day

Wiping up crumbs and spills

1) Wipe spills and crumbs as soon as you finish your meal
2) Use water or natural products to do so
3) Rinse and wring the cloth
4) Let the cloth dry over the tap

Sort out the rubbish

1. Put items in your home's recycling bag
2. Take out one full bin bag and put it in the correct outdoor bin
3. Put the lid back down to stop any wildlife getting in

Drinks matter too

1. Take a water bottle to school
2. When eating out, ask for tap water or water in a glass bottle
3. At home, re-use the same water glass throughout the day.

Make the most of toilet paper

1. Pay attention and use a sensible amount of toilet paper
2. When the roll is empty replace it with a new one and recycle the cardboard tube
3. Give recycled loo paper a try

Cleaning the toilet

1. Look at the toilet bowl after you’ve had a poo
2. Scrub any mess away with a toilet brush
3. Flush the toilet again and use the water to wash the toilet brush
4. Put the toilet brush back into its base

Cleaning the sink

1. After brushing your teeth wipe around the sink with a cloth
2. Wring the water out and neatly put the cloth to dry

Save water

1. When you brush your teeth or wash your hands turn off the tap until it's time to rinse

Swap your bathroom items

1. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush
2. Swap plastic cotton buds for wooden ones
3. Swap liquid body wash for bar soap
4. Swap bottled shampoo for a shampoo bar

Cut back on plastic toys

1. Together with your parents try and find eco-friendly alternatives for what you are looking to buy (such as bamboo or silicone)
2. Borrowing books from the library or buying used books online is also a great way to reduce paper consumption

Give old toys to charity

1. Make a pile of all the things you want to give away (earn 1 shell for each item!)
2. Show the pile to your parents. They will make the final decision about what to keep
2. Go along with your parents to the charity shop
4. Take note of the kind of things that are in the charity shop then the next time you need something perhaps you can buy it from there!

Reduce your paper usage

1. Write or print on both sides of paper
2. Remove unused paper from notebooks before throwing them away
3. Order recycled paper for your home printer

Tidy your room

1. Make sure there's nothing left on the floor before going to bed
2. Hang up your towel
2. Keep the lids on your markers and pens
3. Put old school paper in the recycling bin

Reduce the amount of laundry

1. Put your dirty laundry in the laundry basket
2. First check whether it really is dirty or can be worn again
3. Try to shake crumbs or use a damp cloth to wipe off small stains
4. Fold the clothes that you can wear again and put them back in your wardrobe

Save electricity

1. Open the blinds instead of turning on the lights
2. Turn off the lights each time you leave a room

Care for plants

1. Plant bee-friendly plants in your garden
2. Help to water the plants
3. Try growing a veggie patch

Care for wildlife

1. Plant bee-friendly plants
2. Put bird and squirrel feeders in your garden
3. Put a bee, bug or even bat house in your garden


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