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Milly & Sissy - Glass Bottle for Refills - British made

Milly and Sissy

To use with the Milly and Sissy sachet range

  • Made in the UK
  • 500ml bronzed bottle with a bronze pump
  • Looks great in any interior
  • Use with the Milly and Sissy sachet range


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  • Because you add the water at home, it saves 70% weight in transportation, so therefor reduces the transport emissions by 94%

Milly and Sissy offer plastic free Shampoos, Shower gels and Hand wash in a compostable sachet with a recyclable label. 

You simply mix the sachet with water, which saves 94% carbon footprint in transportation. 

Milly and Sissy products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, made from 99% natural ingredients. All their suppliers are carefully selected for their ethics and environmental consciousness. They are also committed to employing people from disadvantaged backgrounds.