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Jungle Culture - Bamboo Safety Razor

Jungle Culture

Bamboo Safety Razor with a bamboo grip for comfort and a stainless steel guard

  • High quality stainless steel and bamboo
  • Packaged in a Kraft box with a travel bag
  • Just lightly glide across your skin for a smooth shave
  • A perfect gift



Standard razors are rarely recycled, switching to a safety razor helps save so much of them ending up in landfill - and its much more cost effective!

Jungle Culture is a world-renowned manufacturer of quality Bamboo and Stainless Steel products, and they have used the finest materials for these safety razors. These give such a close shave and once you try one, you'll never revert back to the plastic alternatives!

  • We recommend using your razor blade approx. 8 times on each side (16 times)
  • 1 Bamboo Safety Razor with blade
  • 1 Jute travel bag
  •  Packaged in a Kraft box

To fit your razor blade, unscrew the razor head and place the razor with the head between the stainless steel parts, making sure that the ridges on the bottom part of the head are pointing upwards.


Just glide across the skin with no pressure. Use approx. 8 times on each side before wiping clean and recycling correctly. 


Jungle Culture are focused on their ethics and they have a small supply chain that is powered by craft workshops, small farms and transparent factories with a goal to empower developing communities. 

They personally source the products themselves from Vietnam and all of their products are made from sustainable materials and crafted with leading British designers and Asian artisans. They only work with people who's values align with theirs. 

They are based in Britain but continually return back to their partner farms, factories and craft workshops so that they can guarantee fair treatment of workers, high quality production and 100% organic manufacturing. 

Jungle Culture is all about Human Culture and they put a lot of effort into forming good relationships with their partners as they do the products.