Every order plants a tree with non-profit One Tree Planted. We've planted 290 trees!

Refill FAQS


Can I use my own containers?

Yes you can, although we do recommend using the branded bottles. This is to ensure you have all the correct labelling on for safety. And they do look very modern and minimalistic in your home! But we'll still be happy to refill your containers if you'd prefer. Just be sure to read the product description and ingredients if needed on our site. 


Do I need to be home?

Not at all. We'll always contact you after your first order, to see your preference for delivery. We can come when you are home, or we can arrange a safe place to leave them. 

Please note, we accept no responsibility for items that have gone missing.

Can I order your other plastic free products?

Yes. All products on our website can be delivered with your refills.

My postcode isn't on the list?

If your postcode isn’t on the list, then it’s not an area we cover as yet. Please feel free to call us or send us a message and we’ll see what we can do. If you think people in your area would be interested, then this could work for us.

What about the ingredients?

All our products are vegan, contain no harsh chemicals or dyes.  A full list of ingredients can be found on each product description on our website.

Please note, whilst we try to have the most updated ingredients listed, we are not responsible for the making of the products, meaning our suppliers may make changes before we can have time to change our description. We will always do our best to be thorough but as we are not the “makers” of the product, its up to our suppliers to notify us of changes.

Why Fill & Miniml?

They are both family run businesses in the UK. They make everything with real chemists, combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple but effective cleaning products with no dyes or no harsh chemicals.

They offer a closed loop system by supplying large containers, which they collect once empty and exchange for more.

Both companies ticked all the boxes in what we were looking for. Vegan, biodegradable ingredients which are sourced sustainably and zero waste.  

Why glass?

Plastic has its uses, but it also has negative consequences too and we need to step away from it where we can.

It sits in landfill for hundreds of years with chemicals leaking out, and it’s in our oceans, and worryingly, only 9% of plastic ever made has been recycled.

Fill glass bottles not only look amazing on your kitchen counter, they are made from 40% recycled waste glass. They are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable.

What about your van emissions?

To help keep our emissions as low as possible we have set days,  to deliver to set postcodes.

Our van emissions were a concern and we did think about this problem, but we already had our campervan running as a family car before Ethical Eve began. We considered switching to an electric van, but we have 4 children, and this would have meant we would need to run this van as well as a family car. We decided this would be worse for the environment and too costly as a new business.

Although our van may lose the contest on emissions compared to other vehicles, we must understand it also produces a lot of emissions to make new cars. So, in fact using a campervan that will last 2/3 times longer than your average car makes our van a more sensible option for the environment in the long run. 

We also plant a tree for every order to help offset these emissions. 

If you have anymore questions, please call us on 01723 643008 or email us at info@ethicaleve.com.