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Ocean Bottle - Big impact!


Each bottle fund the collection of 1000 plastic bottles!

Up to 80% of the worlds ocean plastic comes from a lack of waste management in coastal communities around the world. Ocean Bottle is working to change that by creating a long-term recycling infrastructure to ensure the plastic is collected before it enters the ocean.

Helping Coastal communities 

The plastic waste is collected by locals in communities and they can exchange this plastic waste for money, healthcare, tech products, school tuition and micro finance at their local plastic bank. You can view the map of their local collection points in Indonesia and Haiti via their website.

The Plastic Bank

Ocean Bottle have partnered with plastic bank and together they put a value on plastic waste whilst also supporting local jobs. It enables people living in coastal areas to earn a higher living wage giving up to 3x the market rate. 

They ensure that 11.368kg of plastic will always be collected per bottle and using the IBM blockchain underpins the transparency of their plastic collection network.

2025 Goal

Since launching in January 2019, they have funded collection of 30 million plastic bottles. by 2025, they aim to make it 80 million kgs. The equivalent to 7 billion plastic bottles that could've entered our oceans.

The Materials

All the plastic parts besides the base are made from BPA free & recyclable biomaterial (PLA from food waste) and the loop is made of silicone. This makes the product durable but also fully recyclable at the end of life. 

The plastic that use's recycled plastic is the base that holds the NFC. The challenge is using upcycled materials that they are happy with that can insulate, pass food grade and last a lifetime.

Ocean Bottle are transparent and they admit that its not the best footprint it could be. They are trying to find a solution and working on a 2.0 model that uses only recycled materials. 


Ocean Bottle also invest in programmes which replace the resources they've spent. Each bottle they produce offsets 18kg of CO2 from recycling and reusing the plastic and they offset their travel footprint.