Every order plants a tree - Through non profit - One Tree Planted

About us


A family run business based in the UK, Ethical Eves mission is to inspire others to do better for our planet and for the future generations.

We learn, share and educate how small changes to your lifestyle can impact the world.

We carefully source plastic free, quality products from suppliers with the same ethos as ours. Ethical, Vegan and Transparent, with the hope to help eliminate single use plastics and help every being live the life they deserve.



7 points of reflection to help make change
Choose the better option
Resist the convenience of plastic
Reflect on your actions
Educate others
Protect what you love
Take small steps
Inspire others


    Its small steps that make the difference. Living imperfectly plastic free is ok. We live in a world of temptation but through those small steps, we will grow. 

    Ethical Eves branding is a reflection of the temptation that we face on our plastic free journey. It's been developed into wonderful world of tarot inspired illustration representing both the care we should take of our planet, and also the temptations we face as we try. 

    We are here to help you make better choices through planet friendly products we love. 


    We give back


    We are proud members of 1% for the planet - This means we commit to giving 1% of our sales (not profit) to a non-profit organisation.

    We have also partnered with One Tree Planted and we plant a tree for order in the areas of the world most in need. 


    We learn, we share, we inspire. And most importantly, we give back. 


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