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FILL - Hand Soap - Fig Leaf



  • No harsh dyes, chemicals & biodegradable ingredients
  • Lathers onto your hands without drying them out
  • Fig leaf fragrance
  • Add the required amount of top up - Or purchase a full glass bottle to keep
  • See below for information on how to work out your top up amount

How it works

We will refill your old bottles - Or you can purchase the glass ones separately.

  • Just check which day we're next in your area
  • Leave your bottles in your required safe place (if you are using your old bottles - please make sure they are labelled.
  • We'll refill them!

Please note: Your products are weighed prior to refilling, and we refill on a basis of 1ml = 1g.


Postcode Days:

Tuesday - YO12/YO13/YO11

Friday - YO12/YO13/YO11



This hand soap cleans your hands in a lather, without drying them out. 

Supplied in a 500ml screen printed bottle with a pump or an aluminium cap.

  • Neutral PH
  • Made in the UK




For a list of the ingredients, look at Fills PDF sheet