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Ocean Bottle - Rock

Ocean Bottle

Create impact with each purchase of Ocean Bottles reusable water bottles

  • Funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles, and helps people in coastal community's earn a higher living wage
  • High quality, sleek design 
  • Detachable cup - Perfect for hot or cold drinks
  • Hot for up to 9 hours, cold for up to 18


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For planet friendly, it doesn't get much better than this. Made of recycled plastic that might of ended up in the sea and every sale funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic. 1000 plastic bottles. 

We LOVE everything about this. From the impact to the sleek, high quality design. This is one bottle every earth conscious person would be proud to have.


  •  The plastic is collected by people in coastal communities in return for money, healthcare, tech products, school tuition and micro-finance at their local plastic bank.
  • The company have partnered up with plastic bank and together, they put a value on the Plastic waste which at the same time, supports local jobs. This enables people of coastal communities to make a higher wage from collecting plastic by giving them up to 3 x the market rate.
  •  Since launching in January 2019, they have funded collection of the equivalent to 30 million plastic bottles. By 2025 they aim to reach 7 billion plastic bottles.


Each bottle is embedded with a smart chip, which will enable funding in the future of more plastic collections for free when you refill at partner locations. 

  •  Stainless Steel
  •  Made from a combination of Upcycled Ocean bound plastic & recyclable biomaterial (PLA from food waste) This makes the bottle durable and fully recyclable 
  •  Anti-leak & easy carry loop
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  BPA free
  •  Durable matte finish for extra grip
  •  500ml. Weight 230g


The bottle has been designed by the award winning K8 from Norway and is produced in a factory in Shanghai. The factory has gone through a rigorous vetting process and is currently applying to be a B Corp Status. They will be one of the 4 manufacturers of reusable goods to get this.