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Agreena - Reusable Baking Sheets


100% food grade silicone sheets that replaces cling film, aluminium foil and baking paper!

  • Wrap / Seal / Bake
  • The same wrapping qualitie as the 3 in 1 - But shaped for baking trays
  • Machine or hand washable
  • Reusable - Over and over!
  • Sustainable and ethically made


Each box contains 2 silicone wraps that, seals or bakes. This option does however fit a baking tray. 

2 x 45cm x 30cm sheets

Made from 100% platinum silicone, this non-toxic eco film can be used for cooking with no off-gassing or funny smells. Furthermore use it as the perfect non stick surface for all sorts of baking applications. You can also cover dishes to prevent food from drying out. Hence, no more need for tin foil or baking paper with Agreena 3in1 Bakers. Above all, they withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees celsius.

How to use:

Your Agreena 3 in 1 wrap comes attached to a recyclable stiff backing sheet.

This plastic backing sheet is a crucial part of the manufacturing process and it is a PET1 sheet, which means it is recyclable. Above all, we believe the amount of cling film, foil and baking paper these replace is a lot bigger than the one off backing sheet.

1. Start from a corner, gently peel the wrap away from the backing sheet (you may find it helpful to fold a little corner and run between your fingers)

2. Dispose of the backing sheet in your recycling.

3. Your wrap will feel tacky and be sticking to itself, but this resolves after a couple of washes. It will soon relax and be easier to work with!

Key Points:

The wrap, your hands, and the surface must be clean and dry. 

The wrap can be hand washed in very warm, soapy water and rinsed well, or machine washed. 

Please avoid temperatures over 240 degrees and sharp objects. 

Please avoid touching other wraps in the oven - They may stick to each other and tear when separated.

Let them cool down before removing them for washing.


Once dry, you can re-stick them to the backing sheet or place between tea towels.


Keep them hanging somewhere for easy grab and go!

 You can find more information and videos at

Agreena wraps use platinum cured silicone and they consistently exceed the FDA benchmark for food safe silicone. 


The factories they use are independently ethically audited to ensure their are no breaches of human/workers rights.


Because Silicone is not conventionally recyclable, Agreena have a return to recycle program. Simply order a reply-paid envelope from their website 


They do everything they can to minimise waste, contribute to carbon offset programs and use recycled packaging and natural dyes that are as kind to the planet as possible. 

About Agreena

Made in Australia by Mel, who hates plastic. Agreena is a company that puts the planet before plastic.  

Money from every wrap sold goes to support the eco-education of young minds and the efforts of green armies doing their best to clean up and campaign for positive environmental change.