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Period talk - Empowering Women

Period talk - Empowering Women

It's time to start changing the conversation around periods.

More than half of Women and girls around the world are ashamed of their periods, hiding sanitary products on their  way to the bathroom, or being shamed by family members and male friends.

1 in 3 women admitted to being uncomfortable using the word "vagina". The culture surrounding periods and body parts must change. We need to have honest and open conversations with men and children to change the way society makes us feel about something that is so natural, and lets face it, if periods didn't exist, we wouldn't be here!

We need discussions that provide education and empower women and girls to feel aware and comfortable with their bodies and their flow.

Thankfully, we have seen a rise in companies fighting to change this stigma. 

We are proud to stock and support brands like &Sisters, who are on this mission for change. Words like "menstrual" aren't good enough anymore. We need to be able to discuss our periods freely without feeling shamed.


&Sisters products are made of organic cotton, they are chlorine and bleach free and biodegradable. These are the perfect eco-luxe period products that is better for you and better for the planet.


Millions of women and girls across the globe stay at home when their period comes, without the right products to be able to carry on their life as normal. &Sisters donate 10% of their profits to supporting women's health, education and economic empowerment.




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